How Perituza Provides Top IT Talent

Step 1. Tell us how we can help you

The more details we have about your project, the better we can match you with potential developers. We’ll need the following information:

  • Technical skill requirements
  • Preferred work hours
  • Project duration
  • Any additional criteria that would make the perfect match

Not sure about your project duration? Our team of business analysts can work with you to document business requirements and technical specifications prior to initiating development. A clear set of requirements will significantly reduce development costs by decreasing the volume of downline change requests.

Step 2. We’ll introduce you to our A-players

We’ll immediately begin shortlisting our top staff members for your project. After we’ve handpicked three (3), we’ll forward you their resumes’ and set up interviews for the candidate(s) of your choice.

Want to set up special arrangements for your interview, such as use of webcams? Not a problem - let us know in advance, and we’ll be pleased to arrange accordingly.

Step 3. We’ll take a trial run together

After you’ve selected your preferred candidate, we will set up a no-obligation trial. This will ensure your complete confidence before moving forward with a longer-term commitment. You and the developer will work together as normal, and he/she will be a dedicated part of your team during the trial period.

Step 4. Let’s make it official

After the trial period has ended successfully, your developer will fully incorporate into your team. We’ll keep in regular contact with you to ensure your continued satisfaction and project progress.