Hire a dedicated developer to work exclusively for you.

Your project - or ongoing work - will be created and supported by someone you’ll soon get to know and trust. Perituza lets you hire dedicated developers, create a team, and propel your business forward.

Your team will work out of one of Perituza’s modern development offices in Ireland, India or Sri Lanka.

All of our developers have at least five years’ experience in their industry, degrees from respected schools, and they’ve been pre-screened and background-checked. When you bring on one of our developers, you can expect reliability and excellent communication skills.

Why hire dedicated developers?

You should be able to get access to as many specialists as you need - like UI/UX experts, e-Commerce experts, .NET or JAVA experts, Software QA/Testers and more. You should also be able to hire a dedicated developer for whatever length of time works best. Perituza provides you with short-term, long-term, or permanent hires.

“Will this developer get busy working on other projects?”
No! They’re working exclusively for you, and will be available for support when you need it.

Hire offshore developers:

Think of them as an extension to your existing team; the only difference, aside from a lower price, is that they live and work overseas.

Hire on-site developers:

If you want access to the large IT talent pool in Ireland, India and Sri Lanka but you’d prefer to bring staff in-house, Perituza will work with you and the local government to facilitate a long-term or short-term move.

Hire a hybrid team:

A combination of on-site and off-site staff might be more your style. If you’re already working with our offshore team, you can bring one of those employees on-site for short term or long term work. Face-to-face interaction with one or more of your offshore staff can improve communication, and even cultural understanding. If you have the office space, this is a great option!

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